About the Godalming Learning Partnership

About the Godalming Learning Partnership

The Godalming Learning Partnership is a large group of schools that serve the children (aged 3–16) and families of the Godalming area. Busbridge Infant School is proud to be part of this collaborative group. The Partnership was formed in December 2018 to achieve more for our young people, schools and community, but has a much longer history of working closely together, through what was formerly known as the Godalming Confederation of Schools. 

Our focus is on leading improvements to teaching, and developing our staff and schools as fully as possible, by working towards the following goals: 

  • maximise the progress and achievement of every young person in our community, 
  • improve transition for all our learners across each key stage, 
  • use collective resources to broaden and enrich the learning opportunities for our community, 
  • develop long-term sustainable partnerships between schools, other education providers and external partner organisations.

 You can find out more about how we work on our website: www.getteaching.org 


Train to be a teacher with the Godalming Learning Partnership

Through Schools Direct training with the Godalming Learning Partnership you will: 

  • Be trained by experienced and highly skilled Headteachers and lead professionals from across our community of schools.                
  • Have your programme guided and taught by a University provision rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. 
  • Receive your school based theory training through the modelling of Primary teaching methods. 
  • Learn your profession through total immersion in our diverse education community. 
  • Benefit from access to job opportunities in all our schools. 
  • Work with schools that understand the demands of the profession and will actively prepare teachers for the demands of the job, both in the initial training and in the early years of teaching by offering targeted support.

To find out more, including how to apply, visit our website: www.getteaching.org


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